If you’re seeking Corel information or support from real consumers and Corel-certified individuals, then you came to the right place! WELCOME!

The CorelDRAW Users Group is a different kind of information ‘community’. We maintain two email lists on Yahoogroups.com. CDUG is primarily for Corel-related topics, ranging from DRAW to PAINT, VENTURA to WordPERFECT, etc., and CDUG-TAN is for tangent topics: related software, hardware and for just keeping in touch with the rest of the group through general chit-chat. This allows us to discuss non-Corel issues while also maintaining a clean, Corel-related list for those individuals who are here for one thing— to learn and help with Corel software. We have no benefit from or tie to the Corel Corporation, just a love for the quality set of tools Corel sells that are hard to beat in the current marketplace.

To find out more about how to subscribe to one or both of the email lists (also viewable on the web or as a daily ‘digest’ in one email), please visit us at www.yahoogroups.com.

Thanks for coming to visit! Stick around for a while and we’ll have you convinced that this is THE place to be for Corel-related material and free support!