The first list was called “CorelDRAW Discussion”.

Chris announced that it was to close and he was going on to bigger and better things. About 200 of us discussed what to do and there seemed to be no alternative. Walt Brannon (with support from his wife Sherri) stepped up and offered to start a list. He wrote to Chris and asked his permission. Chris said, “Go for it”! It was named CDUG (pronounced SEE-dug) and sent an announcement to all the list members asking for commitment.

Our first host was Iglou.com we were cdug@iglou.com. Later, Walt set up a mail server and registered the CDUG domain. We became cdug@cdug.com. The list went well with lots of energy. Some was pure Corel related, some was off-topic. The purists seemed to want to flame the off-topic posters. Walt saw a need for both, so he created CDUG-TAN. Once the initial concept was understood, it worked well and we have had a long run with no problems.

The list has fluctuated in size over its life, but there are ‘core’ members who have even contributed financially to the life and quality of the lists and for the most part, they have remained. The special community you’ve stumbled upon is one comprised of people from all over the world, and at one point in the recent past we were excited to have 500 subscribers. Well, we are now are pleased to announce 15 years of  people helping people with their favorite creative software with almost 1500 members globally!

Walt has recently stepped down from his role as ListOwner so he and his wife can dedicate their time to other worthy pursuits. The new CDUG management team is made up of three long time, dedicated members. The new official list owner, who we affectionately refer to as “ListMom” is , our “ListAuntie” is , and our webmaster and official gearhead is “ListGeek” .