Jul 312013

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I haven’t had any problems wit= h this feature which I have used quite often. Just a thought…you might tr= y Update Publication from the publication menu to see if it corrects the pr= oblem
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My company recently switched to Win 7 and Ventura 10 generally runs fine. W= e do directories and have used running heads (first/last match) without a p= roblem until Win 7. Or maybe it’s not the fault of Win 7?

Anyway, VP seems to be picking up the wrong names for some heads. custodia spigen galaxy note 3 We use ta= gged text files and while there have been some changes, the areas with the = paragraph tags for the headers are the same. custodia 360 samsung note 8 There doesn’t seem to be a pat= tern to when the errors occur, though usually the wrong head comes either f= rom the end of the pub, or from the end of the particular text file when th= ere are more than one in a pub. custodia anti acqua samsung

I’ve tried a variety of things to try and isolate the problem but so far no= luck. custodia s7 samsung con strass Sometimes paging through a pub shows everything fine and then again = and it’s wrong. custodia samsung galaxy s advance Sometimes the wrong heads change.

As a work-around I’ve been thinking about a script–but can’t access the sc= ript reference in Help.

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