Jul 312013

Hello, My company recently switched to Win 7 and Ventura 10 generally runs fine. We do directories and have used running heads (first/last match) without a problem until Win 7. custodia note8 samsung originale Or maybe it’s not the fault of Win 7? Anyway, VP seems to be picking up the wrong names for some heads. galaxy s9 custodia samsung We use tagged text files and while there have been some changes, the areas with the paragraph tags for the headers are the same. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to when the errors occur, though usually the wrong head comes either from the end of the pub, or from the end of the particular text file when there are more than one in a pub. cover samsung galaxy s8 custodia I’ve tried a variety of things to try and isolate the problem but so far no luck. custodia galaxy tab a 2016 sm t285 Sometimes paging through a pub shows everything fine and then again and it’s wrong. Sometimes the wrong heads change. custodia samsung galaxy j5 2016 teschio As a work-around I’ve been thinking about a script–but can’t access the script reference in Help. custodia pelle samsung s7 edge I recall reading something about Win 7 not allowing some types of help files, and that there was a solution–anyone know about that? Any help much appreciated! Gary Fuchs ———————————— ******************* NOTICE *************************** Posting on CDUG is limited to issues specifically relating to CorelDRAW and other Corel Graphics products. Please DO NOT post tangent messages here. custodia samsung galaxy tab a 2016 We also have CDUG-TAN for messages of interest to the group, but with no direct Corel connection.

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