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Yeah, I would do that. Just F8= as you open PP.
Best to you,

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No masks. =E2=80=9CRemove=E2=80=9D is grayed-out under =E2=80=9CMask.=E2=80=9D RGB Channel is selected. custodia samsung a5 2016 libro con pennino Undo |= Clone Brush is an option, but the actual application of the brush does not affect the image appearance.


This appears to be global, e.g., in every image that I open. Shall I reset the workspace, a= nd if so, how do I do that?


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Hi Hafi,


Just to double-check…are you sure ther= e are no masks? Also in Channels docker that the RGB channel is selected?




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None of t= he brushes in the Effect Tool flyout have any effect. custodia samsung 7 edge a libro Paint tool does not work. custodia galaxy tab s2 10 1 Clone tool does not work. custodia samsung galaxy xcover 3 Other tools in other flyouts work. custodia flip galaxy s6

Image is = 24-bit RGB in photopaint binary format. custodia subacquea samsung j3 There are no extra layers, masks, or selected objects. custodia samsung s9 plus juventus Undo lists =E2=80=9Cclone brush=E2=80=9D as an edit, but selecting the clone bru= sh and cloning a chunk of image has no visible effect.

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