Jul 272013

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Hi Hafi,

Just to double-check…are you sure there are no masks? Also in Channel= s docker that the RGB channel is selected?

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None of t= he brushes in the Effect Tool flyout have any effect. custodia originale samsung j5 2016 Paint tool does not work. custodia samsung originale Clone tool does not work. custodia samsung a8 2018 originale Other tools in other flyouts work. custodia samsung s6 edge plus viola

Image is = 24-bit RGB in photopaint binary format. custodia oro samsung s7 There are no extra layers, masks, or selected objects. custodia samsung s9 originale Undo lists =E2=80=9Cclone brush=E2=80=9D as an edit, but selecting the clone brush and= cloning a chunk of image has no visible effect.

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